Light Up Your Wedding

Light Up Your Wedding

Hiliting Gobo Projector help the couples to provide the projection of their event.

Couples through consultation, comparison and finally choose Hiliting Gobo Projector, With projection surface of 5’ wide. Using the 15W indoor gobo projector & custom one-color glass gobo, projecting the wedding custom logo on floor or wall to make the wedding look more beautiful.

Hiliting+GOBO+gobo+gobo projector+wedding+event+design+weddingparty

Having a wedding gobo light at your reception couldn't be easier with the help of Hiliting Gobo Projector.

You could custom your own wedding projection logo. Your chosen design that's been customized with your names (and date) will come loaded into the projector so you all you have to do is turn it on. The projector can be setup on any table or flat surface depend on your need, we highly recommend you to choose our projector:

Indoor 15W Static Gobo Projector

Hiliting+GOBO+gobo+gobo projector+wedding+event+wedding party

15W indoor gobo projector & custom one-color glass gobo for these wedding party, projecting the logo on floor.


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