· Install and lock the glass gobo in the projector.

   · Put the projector base to the installation, and drill screws through the hole of the base until the base is firmly fixed.

   · Rotate the base to adjust the projecting direction.

   · Then twist the lens and rotate slowly until the image is clear, then tighten the ring on the lens to press the waterproof rubber ring for protection.

Do not install the projector under the following conditions!!!

   · Environment with too much dust and smoke

Do not install the machine in the environment with too much dust and smoke to prevent the dust from the lens to affect the projection effect.    

   · Badly-ventilated places

Good ventilation should be maintained. Please do not put the projector in the place that may plug the vent, or cover the body of the machine in case of the internal heat storage to affect the service life of the lamp.

   · Indoor projectors cannot be exposed to the rain; please pay attention to the waterproof measures if it is installed under the eaves or canopy.

  · The projector should not be disassembled by Non-professionals. If you need to carry out operations such as replacing the gobo, before that please be sure to cut off the power switch and cool it for 5 to 10 minutes to avoid being burnt.